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We're a rock band.

More specifically, we're a rock band that often gets nerdy with our songwriting -- the more triumphant, ridiculous or border-line movie score, the better.

Since we’re primarily recording artists, our song ideas are prolific and much like lemmings. (If you’re not familiar with lemmings, they’re furry little critters that have a shit ton of babies, most of which commit suicide by jumping off of nearby cliffs into the ocean - only the slightly less stupid ones survive.)

A few Hugeness facts for the uninitiated...

  • We’re based out of Los Angeles, CA and Austin, TX.

  • For the most part, we like each other.
  • Our song-to-craft beer ratio = 1 song / 4 beers.
  • Internal band decisions are made by declaring “Hugeness Law” (it’s irrefutable).
  • We’ve all seen each other’s scrotums...some more than others.


Will Kubley (lead vocals & guitar)
Patrick Simon (keys & backup vocals)
Henry Muehlhausen (bass & backup vocals)
Dustin Hall (drums & backup vocals)